California Act Agreement

Last updated: 2022-01-01


  • Compliance with California Act

    TS Supply Co. agrees to comply with the California Act and all applicable laws and regulations related to the sale and distribution of smoking accessories.

  • Age Verification

    TS Supply Co. will implement robust age verification measures to ensure that customers purchasing smoking accessories are at least 21 years old, as required by the California Act.

  • Product Restrictions

    TS Supply Co. acknowledges that certain smoking accessories may be subject to additional restrictions under the California Act. The company will ensure compliance with any such restrictions.

  • Record Keeping

    TS Supply Co. will maintain accurate records of all sales and transactions involving smoking accessories, as required by the California Act. These records will be retained for the duration specified by law.

  • Disclaimer

    TS Supply Co. provides smoking accessories for legal use only. The company does not condone or promote the use of smoking accessories for illegal activities. Customers are responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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