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Dab and oil rigs are used for smoking concentrates and essential oils. Dab rigs are like bongs, rigs use water to cool the vapor before inhalation. Our dab rigs we sale all provide excellent diffusion and cooling. At our online headshop marketplace, we carry a wide selection of handpicked dab rigs to choose from. Our dab rig collection contains a huge range of full color and color accented rigs from glassmakers in America and abroad. Choose from a wide variety of styles including recyclers, in cyclers, and mini rigs. We carry both scientific and heady rigs. We take pride in carefully finding high quality pieces our customers will love. We offer Dab rigs that are compact for transport as well as large, elaborate rigs that are champions of design and functionality. Color and style matter you should be proud of the rig you pick and that its suited to meet your needs.

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